God could have created humans perfectly... But then, humans would not have helped each other... So that is what these great single-winged angels symbolizes... In order to fly, they are dependent on one another.

Marguerite "Margie" Fatima is Bart's first cousin and the reigning Holy Mother of Nisan. Her parents, Elvira and Francis Fatima, Holy Mother and Bishop respectively, were murdered in Shakhan's quest for the Fatima Jasper, and Margie was forced to take her mother's place at the tender age of ten. Although she acts childish, she is a brave and responsible girl who fits the office of Holy Mother very well, even at such a young age.

Her childhood is gleaned into during short periods of the game. During the coup, Margie and Bart were both imprisoned and interrogated by Shakhan, but displayed amazingly strong wills for children, never giving in to him. Maison saved both of them, and Margie was returned to Nisan. She leaves again later and Shakhan recaptures her, but Bart saves her.

Bart and Margie have an arranged marriage. They are also the last living descendants of their lineage.