As a young boy living in the Cosmic War era, Abel came into contact with Zohar when he accidentally stumbled upon a facility housing a Deus/Zohar connection experiment. The Wave Existence gave Abel its power so one day he could destroy Zohar, which would free the Existence to ascend back to a higher dimension.

Abel had been searching for his mother when he made contact, and his desire to be with her imparted the Existence with a mother's will when he made contact. It constructed a woman using the biological computer Kadomony, a component of the Deus system, to be with Abel, but Deus transformed the woman into the original Miang Hawwa.

Abel was the only human survivor of the Eldridge crash. Together with Elhaym, or Elly as he had come to call her, he lived during the first years of human life on the Xenogears planet. When Cain, Miang and the Gazel Ministry began laying down the foundations of what would be all their various control mechanisms in the developing human culture, Abel and Elly, now grown adults stepped forward and challenged them. Abel, having known the real truth of the matter and being the only true human on the planet was able to see through Cain's lies and called him on them in front of the whole world. Cain responded by murdering both him and Elly.

Both Abel and Elly were continuously reincarnated through the Zohar until 9999 years later when Fei Fong Wong and Elhaym Van Houten were born. Fei is the last incarnation of Abel and the Contact who breaks Deus hold on humanity and frees the Wave Existence. Abel's other incarnations are Kim Kasim and Lacan.